Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures

If you going to University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You will find an interesting and awesome stadium called Michigan Stadium or Michigan people sometimes called it “The Big House”. This stadium it is belongs to University of Michigan and it is a football stadium and Michigan it self has Wolverine as their football’s club. For the history, actually this stadium was built at October 1, 1927 and spent $950.000 for the budget. It has 72.000 as the real capacity (an official capacity is 109.901 peoples) and it is the biggest stadium in United Stated and has third rank of the biggest stadium in the world.

When the University of Michigan got $226 million for the renovation, they started to renovate the stadium and could finish it complete on 2010 (you could follow the renovation progress on the Michigan Stadium renovation pictures). They have a plan to renovate with added the new press box and box for VVIP guest, and seats for the players of the clubs, they replace some bleachers, added the hand rails, and enlarge the aisles and individual seats for the viewers.

From Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures you could see all the renovation progress and process plus they always updating it, many peoples curious about the renovation and the result. Actually this stadium had already done the renovation six times. The first renovation it’s on 1928, second on 1949, and then on 1955, 1992, 1998, and for the last renovation is on 2010 (the architect is HNTB for 2010 renovations and as the contractor is James Leck Company). They said the renovations should be done because some aspects and they should enlarge the building. The First aspect which we could see in the information along with the Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures is the peoples who interested in the football increased, the fans or viewers rapidly increasing over time plus the university students who wants to joint and become a football player increased  (because the influence from the former football’s player who ever play the game in this Michigan Stadium). That is why the developer starts thinking to enlarge the Michigan Stadium with the goal to fill all the football’s viewers.

At the first like we mention above, the stadium could fill only 72.000 seats for viewers and then the University of Michigan start to added ten thousand new seats for the viewers. At the 1930, they started to add some new electronic score boards which set in all the end of stadium’s zone to make the viewers easy watching and follow the game’s score. All this process you could see on Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures.


On 1949 the University starts to enlarge the capacity with 100 thousands seats for viewers, and it is the biggest renovation on that time.  As for 1955 they doing the same, and for 1969 and 1973 they build and added the new boxes. The last count with the capacity is done on September 10, 2011 with 114.804 seats.

If you still curious about the Michigan Stadium looks now, just searching it on the internet and find thousand of Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures. And enjoy it!