Minimalist Interior Design

Nowadays, so many people want to bring a simple impression in their homes. Most of them choose a minimalist interior design style. Actually, a minimalist interior design has been well known since 19th century and became more popular in 20th century. This is because basic of minimalist interior design style is easy to learn and does not require an expensive interior. We often see that white color has always been a main color for a minimalist interior design. Also, style of plain, firm lines or transparent walls cannot be separated from a minimalist interior design.

Minimalist Interior Design

Choosing Color

For a minimalist interior design style, you should choose furniture which is not too complicated at look. For example, you should choose simple tables and chairs. For color is relative. But, I suggest you to choose dark colors, such as brown or black. Black usually gives the impression of luxury but still makes the interior looks minimalist.

Here are a few things that you should apply in a minimalist interior design:

  1. For white wall color, you should choose white color with some slightly black for your sofa and table. Try adding candles in some corners. It will bring a calm atmosphere and classy in your house. Just look at this image below:

    Modern Minimalist Flat Interior Design

  2. Do not be afraid to add some bright colors such as purple, red or yellow. Those bright colors will make your interior look precious and not boring. Plus, your interior design will look elegant and still look simple of course.

Where to Start Minimalist Interior Design

Modern Minimalist Flat Interior Design

Do not be confused where to start decorating. Now, I am going to give some steps that you should do:

  1. In living room and lounge, you can add many pillows in your sofa. Choose the right color for it, but if you want to mix them, choose the pillow color that stick with the sofa. For example, black with white, chocolate with beige, or red with black. For big living room and lounge size, you can choose cream color for curtains.
  2. In dining room, you can add bar stools and crystal collections. Put some chairs that you really need. Do not add unimportant stuff in your dining room. For table, you can use glass table in your dining room. For better look, you can use glass wall to separate your dining room and your kitchen. Glass in your dining room will appear the impression of light.
  3. In bedroom, you can also use glass for your wall. Adding a big carpet can be a great idea. But choose a solid color and I suggest you choose carpet with no motif. Motif on a carpet can make your room will not look minimalist.
  4. In bathroom, do not put unnecessary items. Toiletries and makeup stuff are sufficient in a minimalist interior bathroom.

Some benefits of minimalist interior design:

You will have clean look in your house. This is because there is not much furniture in your house. White color in your walls also makes your house big in look. A sense of calm and piece and relax will you get from a minimalist interior design plus so many compliments will you get from your guests.

Hopefully, the information above will give you some inspiration.