Modern Small Bathroom Design

Modern Small Bathroom Design
Bathroom is the one place of the most used rooms in your house. It provides relax area to care your needs. Are you stuck in small bathroom? Most homeowners think have small bathroom is a nightmare. They have no room for style if they have the small bathroom. Everyone wants to have a good bathroom that can bring joy and comfort to your life. You can remodel this small bathroom into an important room with a little creativity and motivation. Change your bathroom look better with modern small bathroom design. I will give you some info and tips how to improve your small bathroom.


Modern small room design for color themes
To make your bathroom look modern, color combining could be challenging. Choose some color to your toilet and sink with light color to give the room creative color combination. Do not paint your bathroom walls in dark colors. Dark colors make your tiny bathroom look smaller and dirty. Decide to paint the walls with light color such as white or pale colors. These colors give the room feel comfortable and create a clean look. Use grey or brown shades to give modern look on your bathroom.


Modern small room design for the furniture
Choose the right furniture to your small bathroom is the big step to decorate it better. Many option of furniture that have given modern atmosphere. Add floating cupboard to save much using space but can accommodate a lot of stuff, such as; towels and toiletries. Mounted it into the wall, so you don’t take up any floor space. Change using bath tub in your small bathroom with modern shower cubicle.


There are many option of modern bathroom sink you can add to your bathroom, such us; pedestal sinks, vanity sinks, and wall mounted sinks. It important to choose a bathroom sink that can be complement the design of your bathroom and suitable with size of your bathroom. And wall mounted sink is a modern bathroom sink that suitable with your tiny bathroom. This type of sink is mounted in your wall and very useful in small space. Stainless steel, porcelain, stone, and glass are the materials that usually use on modern bathroom sink.


Modern small bathroom design in decorate
Make your bathroom look larger with using the secret weapon, a mirror. Mirror has illusion effect that can give your bathroom feeling of space. Change your regular door into sliding door. Regular door take up many space, but sliding door doesn’t need a lot of space and make your bathroom look modern. Normally, radiator in your bathroom position is nearly with floor. However, it toss away a lot of space. So, put it in higher position.


Make the room seem larger by improve lights in the ceiling of your bathroom. Make the different lighting between a light and cheery room and a dark and dreary one.
So, this was some info and tips to help you decorating in modern small bathroom design. Make sure to properly your bathroom can be feeling homey for both yourself and the member of your family.