Modern Stair Creative And Innovative Designs

Raise Up Contemporary House with Creative and Innovative Modern Staircase

                Your contemporary house will be not complete without having modern staircase. Staircase also calls flight of stairs. Stairs is a set of steps built for going from one level of a house. You can reach the top of your house with stairs. So, presence the stairs on your house will be very useful.

Stairs is available of many styles, materials and design. Bu, if you want to create the contemporary style on your house, install innovative and creative modern stairs design will work. You may be wondering the shapes and appearance this modern stairs. Modern stairs looks do not same as the regular stairs. The modern stairs look more amazing and unique than regular stairs.

You can choose the modern stairs that will be pleased to you. Consider the type, materials and color of your modern stairs. Understand and knowing the type, rails, materials and color tones will be help you when choose.

The listed below, I will share some different type of innovative and creative modern stair.

Floating tread stairs

This stairs type is becoming a very popular trend nowadays. This stairs is looked floating and mounted on the rails or on the walls. This staircase is very save-space and useful. This staircase does not take much floor space, so you can use that space for storage or placing many stuffs and furniture. You can find this stairs in many different materials such as; marble, concrete, solid wood, tiles, mild steel or any other surface materials. Modern house must be having this staircase!

spiral stairs

Single stringer stairs

This staircase has only one diagonal support block. Completely the look of the staircase with placing this stairs on the centre however an off-centre or side designs. You can place this stairs anywhere along the underside of the treads to support the construction. The most commonly used materials for made this stairs are wood, stainless steel, mild steel or glass.

Double stringer staircases

Different than single stringer, this stairs refers to two support beams. This stairs available of many different shapes, such as; square, I-beam, round or rectangular. You may be able to choose unique shapes, such as; star, zigzag or hexagonal. Glass, solid wood, marble,, tiles or concrete are the most commonly materials.

spiral stairs

Spiral staircases

From this name of stairs, you might know the shapes of this stairs. Yes! This stairs shapes is spiral. This stairs is unique and save-spaces. The contemporary design will be fit with this innovative and creative modern stairs. This stairs usually made from solid wood, stainless steel, glass, concrete, or any other surface materials.

Helix staircases

This stairs shape is a circular shaped not same with spiral staircases. The generally supporting structure constructed from rectangular or round tubing. You will find this staircase made from these materials; glass, mild steel, tiles, marble and solid wood.


Full glass staircases

You may be known why this staircase named this. All of the components of these staircases are full glass. You can give small details that require stainless steel and mild steel.

From the many different types above, you might choose the perfect creative and innovative design of your modern stairs J