Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

Colors make your rooms look beautiful and fun. When you decide to give colors in your bedroom, there are few things you should know. Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and rest, it is also a private place in your house. Do not ever in doubt if you love playing around with colors. You can use wild colors if it fits with your soul. Wild and crazy colors can describe you as a free, happy and independent. Here are some Painting Ideas for Bedrooms.

How to Pick Suit Colors For Bedroom:

  1. Neutral colors have always been the safe choice for people. Neutral color never gets old and always being chosen because it is simple. Some colors such as black, white, gray or beige can be the great choice of colors for you. You can always match the color with your bed, chair or your desk. Do not ever keep in mind neutral colors are boring. If you are clever, you can make your walls color look amazing when you can combine your walls color with your carpet or floor.

    Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

  2. Before painting your wall, you should keep in mind that pure white color does not often exist. Be careful if you want to mix white color with the color blue, green, red, pink, yellow and more.
  3. If you want to get warm or cool color in your bedroom, you can choose blue color.
  4.  You should try pastel colors in your bedroom. Pastel colors such as lavenders, soft blues and greens are soft, relaxing and fun in look. You can avoid childish look in pastel colors try combine them with brown sofa and table.
  5. Bright colors usually make your room look energetic and bold. But you can apply bright colors in your bedroom if you think it is not bother you a lot. You can choose a bold spring green for your bedroom walls painting.

Bedroom Wall Painting for Girls

Beautiful Paint Colors For Kids

Common colors such as blue, pink, orange and green are often associated with girls. Here are some ideas that may you consider for girls bedroom:

  1. Polka dots: you want to bring youthful look, you should choose polka dots for your bedroom. If you want green color for your bedroom, I suggest you to mix the green color with pink and blue.

    Room Painting and Decorating Ideas For Teenagers

  2. Plat Paint: mix a girl bedroom color with her toys. It will make a girl bedroom look harmonious and comfortable to the eyes.
  3. Rainbow paint: red, yellow and green are colors of rainbow. You can apply those colors in a girl’s bedroom wall. By adding those colors in over the door of bedroom, visual interest is automatically become attractive.

Good Tips before decided what color for bedroom:

Keep these tips in mind for avoiding troubles on deciding colors for your bedroom.

  1. You can take a look on an interior magazine for more ideas for your bedroom colors.
  2. Match your bedroom color with your furniture.
  3. Think about your bedroom size. If you have small bedroom size, avoid darker and warmer colors. Make your bedroom look bigger and wider with soft of bright colors.
  4.   Give natural light in your bedroom. Natural light also make small bedroom looks bigger and wider.