Painting Ideas for Living Room

Living room is the place where your family gather in their spare time, isn’t it? You will have many various explanations why living room is so important to your life. Actually, this room can actually make your day more colorful if you can arrange it with a good choice of color. Before starting to arrange your living room, have you thought about painting ideas for Living Room? If yes, what are you thinking about? If you want to have some good planning in painting ideas for living room, start with the choice of color that you want to use.

The Choice of Living Room Color  

Have you got your own color choice to be painted in your living room? What color do you like? Actually, the situation of your living room can be influenced by the choice of color that you paint in your living room. There are many colors that people love to be painted in their living room. What are they? They are:

  1. White Color – Most people like this color to be painted in their living room. White color brings an elegant look for people who see it. People choose this color because it matches with any other furniture colors in your living room. So, if someone has this color, she cannot have difficulties to choose the furniture to be applied in her living room.
  2. Pink– Painting ideas for living room have pink color as the people’s choice when they paint their living room. People love this color since it brings a colorful situation so people love to stay in that place. The combination of this color usually has white furniture to be added in the living room.

    pink color in your living room

  3. The combination of Blue and White Color– Sometimes people do not like one color to be painted, that is why they combine two or three colors in their living room wall. One of many favorite colors to be combined is blue and white color. These combination give soft look that can refresh our mind when we stay there. The traditional look will also be felt in this color combination.

    The combination of blue and white color

  4. Red – There are many variation of red color commonly. When people try to apply this variation of color, they tend to have dark red and lighter red in their living room. You can combine this color by adding white furniture or dark furniture to give a minimalistic look in your living room.
  5. Gray color– You can imagine if you have a variation of gray color in your house. It will bring a luxurious style look in your living room. Many people use this color for giving another variation of color in their living room.

    Gray color will give luxury look in your living room

Have you got an idea to re-paint your living room? You can have many painting ideas for living room based on your imagination. Try to keep your imagination grow so your painting ideas for living room will live in your mind. Painting ideas for living room should be thinking of in order to get a better painting result in your living room. Have a nice choice!