Paintings Ideas for Living Room

Living room is the most important place in our home. We watching TV and read our magazines, have a guest, get relax, have a tea time, and have a family time in living room. That’s why to make our living room attractive and pleasant are the essential things to our home. You don’t want to have a living room with boring and creepy design, right? The important thing to make your living room looks great for you and for the guest who coming is the chosen of the painting. You should think carefully when pick the paint which match with the living room’s decoration. So let’s take a closer look about painting ideas for living room.

What kind of colors do you need to paint your living room?

When you think about paintings ideas for living room, make sure you pick the right color for your living room’s walls because different colors on your walls make different feeling for peoples who came. For example: if you choose cool colors as the basic wall’s color on your living room, you could pick violet, blue, and green color to represent it. But if you prefer warm colors as the basic wall’s color on your living room, orange, red, and yellow could represent it, plus if you mix it, it would be better. As for small living rooms, when you want to make the living rooms looks larger, the muted and cool color could make it happen.

Don’t forget to match the color on your wall with the furniture in your living room. You could make some experiment on your own or just hired some professional interior designer to help you to do it.

What should I do to choose the right paint for paintings ideas for living room?

You could find a lot of paint at the local store. Don’t forget to pick the paint with the right amount, so before deciding to buy, first you should measure your wall and estimate the right amount of paints. For extra information, paint has different textures plus form which make different finish touch when you apply it on your walls. So be careful when pick it.

What kind of types of paint do you have for paintings ideas for living room?

There are a lot of different types of paint with different finishing which you could buy, and we will give you some of it:

  • Matte finishing paint = this paint give you light finishing color in some level.
  • Flat finishing paint = this paint give you no light and no shine finishing color on your walls.
  • Gloss finishing paint = this paint give you bright and light finishing color to your walls.
  • Satin finishing paint = this paint give you soft and medium light glow.

What kind of paintings ideas for living room?

We will give you some tips for painting ideas like Faux painting which take natural look on element such stone, wood, and marble’s color. Another idea is you should try to apply some light color to your living rooms because guest or peoples don’t have problems with the light color. More over, when you want to add some contemporary design, try applying crème color on your walls or other soft color. So have a try!