Pergola Desings For Your Garden

Beautify Your Garden with Pergola? Hmm… Interesting!

Before you decide to build pergola on your garden, you must know exactly “what it is pergola?”. Okay, pergola can be the structure that is attached to your home or as a freestanding structure. In old day, pergola designs for grow up the climbing plants. In now, pergola used as entertaining area with roofed structure. Pergola also calls as arbor, which can offer you the fresh air on the enclosed place.

You may be wondering how to choose the perfect pergola designs for your garden. Do not worry, I will tell you some information about the pergola. Keep in mind some tips to build pergola on your garden.

How much the space you have?

Measure your garden and choose the spot where you plan to build pergola. You can get the correct dimension and the stability of the space with measure the area. If you have done to know the space that you have, you can decide the shape, style and design of your pergola.


Knowing the pergola designs

Consider the place and pergola designs you may like. You can create your pergola attached in the side, front or back of your home. Or you can build pergola anywhere on your garden as a freestanding structure. The freestanding pergola is unique and artistic. You can create the freestanding pergola in any shape you want.


Materials for your pergola designs

There are many possibility materials for make pergola.

1.    Wood. You can use wood as the material for make pergola. This material gives natural look. Wood is simple to forming in any shapes. You also can add board on the side or top of wood pergola. You can blend any stylized woods, such as; bamboo, logs or tree branches for give the rustic appearance.


2.    Metal. This material is easy to form in to various shapes. You may be like to using this material.


3.    Recycled plastic or vinyl. This material is never decay or rot like wood. You also do not need paint it.
4.    Living materials. You maybe want to growing trees or bamboo and create them into the living pergola. It can be unique and challenging task.

Pergola roof designs

Freestanding pergola usually do not have roof and just covered by climbing plants. The listed below is the some different pergola roof:
1.    Grass roof. This roof is the one simple and easy pergola roof. You do not feel difficult to grow up the grass. This roof can gives tropical island look on your pergola.


2.    Wire roof pergola. This roof is fit for growing rose. You will surprise when you find the rosebush quickly growing and hiding the wire. It gives a romantic look on your pergola.
3.    Grapevine pergola. You can get delicious treat and sweet smell when the grapes on your pergola roof are mature.
4.    Corrugated roof. You can use fiberglass and plastic to make this roof. You can grow honeysuckle or ivy on this pergola roof.
You maybe can feel happy to have the best pergola designs for your garden. Enjoy designing and building pergola for your garden.