Refinishing Worn, The Old Patio Furniture

Refinishing worn, the old patio furniture is typically cheaper than replacing it, no matter what kind your patio is, whether your patio furniture is metal, aluminum or even wood. For someone who loves their current furniture, refinishing patio furniture is a particularly good option, but does not like the way it has been looking lately. However, updating the look, sometimes, just with simply changing the cushions is not quite enough.

Sandpaper, rags, drop cloths, wire brush, rust remover (if your patio furniture is metal), dish soap, water, scrub brush, appropriate primer (metal or wood, depending on what type of furniture you have) and stain or paint appropriate for furniture (simply ask your paint store for a recommendation) are all things should be prepared before you start the project.

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All rubber leg tips, cushions and anything else that is not part of the bare-bone furniture should be removed, which is the first step to refinish your patio furniture. Once it done, your patio furniture must be cleaned thoroughly with water, soap and a scrub brush. Rinse everything thoroughly by using the garden hose. All the pieces should be allowed to dry. Take the wire brush and sandpaper then use it to remove peeling paint, all loose or finish. The rust remover may also be used to remove any rust spots on metal furniture that does not come off. You could start to prime all kind of patio furniture that will be refinished by simply using a paint brush, or may be spray primer.

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Paint brush is also used to paint or stain your furniture at this time. 2 coats should be applied, which with 24 hours drying time is recommended. The final coat, any recommended top coat, is ready to be applied at this time. However, regarding this top coat, have your paint store help you make an appropriate choice is better. Once your patio furniture is refinished, it must be allowed to dry for at least two days before using.

Aside from refinish patio furniture, you might need to check the patio chairs, since they are primarily kept outside where they are exposed to the weather. If your patio chairs are damaged or have surface problems, which is caused by sun, rain, wind and even snow. Rust stain removal from metal chairs, dent and scratch removal from wood chairs and cleaning or replacing the vinyl used on chair frames are all involved by common repairs for patio chairs.

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According to, if your patio chairs are wood, refinishing is one technique for patio chair repair from wood materials. Or perhaps, you might need to use stripping technique, which is also commonly used to repairs wood patio chairs. However, if your patio chairs are metal, the biggest problem is that they are probe to developing rust. Remove the light rust by simply using a bristly pad such as steel wool; a commercial rust removing solution combine with a wire brush, for more serious rust issues, could also be used to repairs metal patio chairs.