Remodel Small Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is a room which everyone can relax and release stress after work during the day by take a bath in shower or just washing face in sink. In every home in this world, bathrooms are the main requirement places. Home without bathroom like as a soup without salt. In bathroom, everyone can satisfy their needs to maintaining themselves. Bathtub, shower, cabinets, sink or basin, and toilet are pieces of the bathroom which take care your needs.
How if you have a small bathroom and wonder how to remodel it to get better use of it? Small bathroom can’t accommodate a lot of stuffs, so you must try to minimize using a lot of space in it. Be wise to remodel your tiny bathroom with careful to using spaces and choose furniture are the best ways. There i will give you a few trick and tips to remodel your small bathroom


Decorating your bathroom with design that gives illusion effects. Illusion effects can make your small bathroom look larger. To help you get illusion effects, using light colored ceramic tiles from floor to ceiling on every wall. But, the costs of the ceramic tiles are a major influence in this decision. This price can be quite high. If you have lower budget, find a reasonable price with shopping around and you will get some discount if you lucky.


Paint the walls of your bathroom with simple light colors. If you have very tiny small bathroom, don’t try to paint your bathroom walls with dark color, because it will make your bathroom look lifeless and dirty. To give an illusion of more space, use soft or pale colors may help. Or choose simple light colors like white with a sky blue shades give a warm and nature atmosphere in your bathroom.


Install floating cupboard or double cabinets. To prevent using unused space too often. A floating cupboard can be the best choice. It doesn’t take up any floor space because it mounted to the wall. Or using double cabinets in corner of the room can be alternative solution; you can save a lot of items such as towels and toiletries inside.


Using shower cubicle. Add a large bath tub into your small bathroom are really bad mistake, it can take up spaces and make your bathroom look more narrow and crowded. But, using a shower cubicle may be help to remodel your bathroom.


Add a sliding door. Sliding door doesn’t need space in your bathroom. So, replace your regular door with sliding door to save unused space.
Use mirror in your wall. To give the feeling of space, using mirrors is very effective. Be careful, mirrors can make overwhelming effect. So, don’t put mirrors on opposite walls and don’t to install many mirrors.
Lift the radiator high on the wall. Move the radiator in a higher position, somehow radiator taking up a lot of space. If you take it high on the wall, so you can use the space that had been used by the radiator.
I wish that the tips and tricks that I have been share to you, will be help you to remodel your small bathroom became the best bathroom that you ever had.