Remodeled Basement How To Finish Your Home

A home usually have basement below the ground floor. Most homeowners use the basement as the utility place. Save the unused stuffs, air-conditioning system, TV cables, water heater and car park. It can be an additional temporary bedroom for your guests.

Remodel your basement to keep it always clean and dry every time. There are many ways to decide you would like to remodel and renovation your basement. You have to finished remodel the basement, because the unfinished basements can make you do not enthusiasm to decorate it.

Make a remodel plans

The first ways to started to remodel basement is draw up the plans. You can get a help from the contractor to plans the best use space in your basement. If you are done to have the plans, it is time to get the permits that you need for finish your basement. Obtain the necessary permits for the remodel your basement on with your contractor. Make sure that all requirements and the local codes are fulfilled. The remodeling can started if the right permits have been obtained.

Doing waterproofing and fireproofing

Waterproofing is the important things that you cannot ignore it. A wet basement can grow up the mildew and mold that is can threaten your health. With waterproof paint, you can kill these fungi in your basement. Prevent your basement from damage and flooding during the rain or snowstorm with spray a waterproofing seal on the walls.

To prevent the basement from the fire hazard, you must be fireproof they are. Fireproof insulation and fire blocking are the fireproofing involves.


Frame the walls

Framed the basement walls, it can depend the design you want and how you want to use the space. Be careful when you framing the walls, they are built around electrical conduits, access panels and existing plumbing.

Plumbing and electrical in the basement

Knowing your needs can help you when installing electrical conduits and plumbing. What kind of appliance that you want installed and what the basement will be used are the things you must to be know before installs plumbing and electrical.


Prepare the walls

It is important to placing of any plumbing and electrical before put sheetrock. Prepared and spackled the walls when the sheetrock has been put up before it can be painted. Improving insulation in your basement also help to keep comfortable feel in the summer and winter.

Ceiling and flooring to your basement

The most commonly popular ceiling is drywall and drop ceilings. Improve the ceilings on your basements gives a lot of advantages. Finish your basement flooring; with add carpet, rug, or you can use wood flooring.


Painting the basement for finishing

You can use any kind of color tones in your basement. But, the recommended colors are used light color to give more open space and spacious look.

A remodel basement can provides a fresh and comfortable space for years to come. With a professional contractor and unique imagination, you can make your basement become charming and fresh.