Rhode Island School Of Design

Have you thought about your children education after graduating from high school? What major do they like? Do they like a design major like illustration, animation, graphic designer? If they do, then Rhode Island School of Design will be the best choice for them to continue their study in college. What is Rhode Island School of Design actually? Where is it?

The Specification of Rhode Island School of Design

The symbol of Rhode Island school of design

Rhode Island school of design is a college which offers an undergraduate and postgraduate term for fine arts major that is specialized for design school of art. When you are in United States of America and find a place that is called Rhode Island then you will find this school. There are many department programs that you can enter in this school. Since this school is specialized for art major, then most of the department that is offered is just like the art specification which are animator, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, graphic design, illustration, and many more. Actually, although most of the major that is offered includes as the art specification, they still offer the non-art major as the complementary in this school. It includes in three subjects which are psychology, English literature and also art history. The history of this school was successfully built in 1877 and up to know, this school is being a favorite school design in United States. It is a popular school which has a good standard quality.

The Facilities that are offered

When you want to enter a college, people always think about the facilities that exist in the college that they are interested. Some of them think that it is important to support their learning so they can practice their knowledge in order to be the master. Then, the same thing will be asked for this case, what facilities that Rhode Island School of Design offers to their students? Since the quality of that school is good, they should have good facilities that support students’ activity. One of the facilities that they offer is the museum of art. It is called RISD Museum of art. RSID means Rhode Island School of Design Museum Art. In this museum, there are many art collections that can be seen.

You can also find a big library in this school. The book collection that they have is perfect. There is no need to be worry if you cannot find a book in this place, everything is ready then. Besides, you can access a book which is from brown university. Furthermore, there are many fields and building which is provided for students who has many experience.

Rhode Island School of Design

Contact Information

If you want to know further about this school information, then you can go to the office that is located in the two streets, RI, United States of America. Then if you feel that it is too far from your location, it is OK for you to call in phone number: 401 454-6484
fax: 401 454-6483. The customer service will be available on Monday to Friday start from 8.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m.