Sewer Gas Smell in Bathroom

Actually, sewer gas smell in the bathroom may be caused by many factors. Although there are many sources of gas odor can leave a stitchery, but usually the main factor is the toilet, ventilation and drainage in the bathroom. All of these components are combined together and cause unpleasant odors.

Toilet trap is the first thing that you may cause to suspect a sewer gas smell in the bathroom. Note that it’s forgivable in fact the main problem that causes this common sewer gas to escape. In the toilet, there is no trap system, which was created to prevent the clothes from the waste to escape into the bathroom. The trap works with the help of water, so that the gas will not be able to pass through and filters.
toilet trap
If any problems occur at the level of the water, it can cause the release of sewer gas. The water level can be reduced if the toilets are rarely used or have a pet that constantly drinking from the toilet bowl. One way to overcome this problem occurs regularly run the toilet and the water level is always well kept.

sewer gas- level of the water
A second possible source of sewer smell in the bathroom toilet it’s broken gas. If the toilet is broken in it, it can cause a leak in the line. This can cause the water level to go down and trap the gas entering the toilet can prevent your bathroom. The same situation can also be caused by a faulty toilet wax ring.

If it is too damaged, leaking sewer gas through it. Damaged or broken toilet bowl wax ring and unfortunately cannot be repaired so that the only way possible to resolve this problem is to replace a new one.

Another source of sewer gas smell in the bathroom or the shower drains pipe system. P trap pipe under the bath shower or sink is also one of the systems to prevent the emission of sewer gas in the bathroom. If this channel or pipe is damaged or corrupted, then it is likely that the leak sewer gas. This situation can also occur when the drains of your bathroom is rarely used to generate the creation of trap seal P.
Sewer gas smell in the bathroom can also be caused by lack of ventilation or clogged drains of your bathroom. Do things trivia as sewer gas smell in the bathroom can cause damage to the health of the user bathrooms. Therefore, it is better if you try to find the source of the smell completely and immediately remove the smell sewer gas.