Shower for Small Bathroom Design

For some people who have large scale bathrooms it is very easy to modify and decorate it in any way they want to be. But for some people who have small sized bathroom it is quite difficult for them to design it as they pleased. The small space makes it difficult to put in large sized bath tub or even a small sized one, because the bath tub will take most of the space available. That is why having a shower for small bathroom is a good option to follow. But what can we do with the shower for small bathroom design?

Wet bathroom

The first design we could consider is to make your small sized bathroom to be a wet bathroom. With a wet bathroom we could freely install the shower for small bathroom anywhere we want. We will not be puzzled with the framed door which will limit the possibility of the shower position in the small sized bathroom. But when we have a wet bathroom there are a few things that we should consider. The first one is the drain position. Make it as close as it can be with the shower so it will drain the water quickly. You might want to adjust the floor level so that the water will flow to the drain and do not make your bathroom flooded. Secondly you have to cover the wall with waterproof material such as porcelain tile, stainless steel or even glass wall. Thirdly you need to change the sink and cabinet with a waterproof one. Usually a build in porcelain cabinet and sink will do well. Lastly put the towel and tissue hanger outside the shower reach. Try to put the towel and tissue hanger on the opposite direction with the shower’s water sprinkler.

Dry bathroom

For some people who do not comfortable with the wet bathroom, and prefer the dry bathroom instead there is a few shower for small bathroom design that you could follow. The first thing you always remember when having a dry bathroom is to separate the wet area from the dry area. What we could do is build some frame to cover the wet area so that the water will not flow to the dry area. But if we feel that the frame makes the bathroom looks even smaller, we could try to adjust the height of the frame.  You do not have to cover the wet area in full height, instead adjust the height of frame to be as high as the shower head so that we could feel the wet area is a part of the dry area, and then it will make the bathroom size larger. You could build the frame outside the water sprinkler reach area.

To build a shower for small bathroom what we need is some creativity and the courage to try new things that we have not done before. There is some shower for small bathroom option that we could follow. We just need to adjust it so that it could match our liking.