Simple Bedrooms for Boys

For parents who wants to figure out what designs that children especially boys likes is quite difficult. For boys in such a young age, they often have difficult time to tell their parents about what room designs they like and parents just guessing it. It’s better to pick the simple bedrooms for boys which match with their personality. And you should make sure the children love it! That’s why today we will give you ideas about the bedroom designs for your boys:

  1. Simple Bedrooms for Boyscould you have with purchase some paint colors to decorate the bedrooms are such the easy way and you could do it to at your boys bedroom. We suggest you to paint one wall with colors like green, red, blue, and orange which boys usually like it. And for the other wall you could give soft colors or pick some contrast colors. Plus if you want to paint the furniture with white or dark color it and match it with the walls.

  2. Add some theme to the boy’s bedrooms. The children often usually like themes which match with their hobbies. For example: bedroom with skateboard design. If your boys love to play skateboard, they will like the bedroom designs with skateboard theme stickers on their wall. Just find sticker which easily to stick and removed. The stickers usually have many colors which you could choose. Another theme which you could find are football theme, cars theme, baseball and basketball theme, star wars theme, jungle theme, trains theme, military theme, and surfing theme. Just pick from one of them and you could involve your children to pick the themes.
  3. Walls with some murals could be your option too as the simple bedrooms for boys. The best thing from these murals is not require much cost and you could easy to remove or apply. And when you want to remove them on the wall, they will not damage the walls, so your children will easily to change them as he starts to grow. The examples for these murals like baseball, trees, and animals.
  4. The next things you could try for decorate simple bedrooms for boys are adding some shelves to your children bedrooms. The shelves are useful to show their activities and talents, ribbons awards, the trophy. When your boys have sport activities or other sport they could use the shelves as showcase. Do not forget to put pictures or photos of them in their activities.
  5. Wall art for wall will obviously match with simple bedrooms for boys. You could make your children learn from it like spell. Plus you could apply some motivating or inspirational words for your children. It is come with many designs, colors, and forms.
  6. You could add some posters in a frame and let the boys pick the posters. You could decorate frame posters and frame the children favorite’s things in some shadow box which will add some attractive looks than common frames.

You could involve the boys when decorate their bedrooms and make some experiment. So have a try!