Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Most homeowners want to have a bathroom that has many functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time especially if you have a large bathroom area. Bathroom provides the daily function that you need from it, such as; bathing on a shower or just brushes your teeth. It must be the one comfortable place in your home. But, don’t worry if you have small spaced bathroom. With careful and wisely planning, a small bathroom can give relaxation and comfortable. Try to focusing design ideas that either creates the illusion of more space. There are many ways to make your small bathroom more useful and stylish.


Nowadays, small bathroom vanity ideas are popular. Decorate your small bathroom vanity ideas now are the great ways. Because so many homeowner love this style. This style provides you to make your bathroom seem stylish. Avoid getting antique bathroom vanity, because this style may take up a lot of space with bulky design. For small space in your bathroom, choice to invest in a contemporary design for your small bathroom vanity ideas. Small bathroom ideas will give you the modern look with simple minimalistic and stylish design.


Most homeowners nowadays go for modern or contemporary vanities because this style has a few benefits. The one reason is this style designed to be functional, and save many space. This is why some people are often choosing contemporary style rather than antique themed ones. You can allows to choose multiple design, it also another reason that homeowners choose contemporary design. Small bathroom vanity ideas avoid having the feel of looking cluttered and being congested in your bathroom.


Small bathroom vanity ideas are the best way to maximize space in a tiny bathroom. Do not placing a lot of items in your bathroom. Install towel racks on the inside of the vanity doors, to save a lot of space. Add a wall-mounted vanity, it fits with your small bathroom, because it doesn’t take up many space. Install floating cupboard if you don’t have any space to place a vanity cabinet and gives the clean look of more floor space. It cans storage space for your toiletries.


Nowadays, one popular small bathroom vanity ideas is the wall-hung bath vanity. Traditional bath vanities are bulkiness, that is wall-hung contemporary bath vanity creates to make your bathroom look spacious. You can also add combination lower toilet and bidet in your bathroom.
Utilizes the space efficiently when you planning the small bathroom vanity ideas. You can use mirror to create the illusion of more space. if you using mirror as accessories vanity in your bathroom, it can add width, length, and depth to your tiny bathroom.


You can put two small size mirrors on opposite walls, it can give the illusion to your bathroom. You also can replace the shower door with mirror door.
You can looking for small bathroom vanity ideas on bathroom design books, home design and decorating magazines, explore some websites that provide you information of home design, or consult with a remodeling designer or an architect.