Steps Before Remodeling Kitchen Design

What is kitchen?it’s a simple question that the answer is out of our head to answer. Of course the answer is so simple, a kitchen is a place where we preparing food for yourself or our families. Kitchen is home’s heart. But now kitchen’s function changes go with the era and trends. Now kitchen is a place for entertaining peoples, dining with family and friends, to socializing, to do some working, or laundry etc. Why this function change? That is because technology changed it, technology make our needs meets and deal with it.

So before remodel kitchen maybe you should planning more to fulfill your dream kitchen:


  1. Your reason. Why? Because if there’s nothing wrong or important why you spend much money in remodel kitchen.
  2. Plan…plan..and plan. Why plan?of course plan make you in the right track of remodeling kitchen. This plan includes planned you budget, your layout sketch, your timeline, and your design, who do your remodel kitchen? a professional? or yourself? think of your budget to pay if you use professional help. Don’t forget to think about how large your kitchen will be.

After finished this steps maybe this guide can help you find your design to your new kitchen:

  • Choosing your favorites color. Using single color can make your small kitchen looks larger. Focusing on one design.
  • You can make your new kitchen as a place to collect your memorizing pieces, like your family photos, favorites art work or some collections.
  • Combine your own ideas with imported ideas from movies, or magazine. You can add some flower planting or flower vase or others planting to add boost in your new kitchen.
  • Think of other amenities when remodeling kitchen, while remodel maybe you can think of a hub to connect kitchen with toilets or others room, make it clear your friends or family easily access to rooms.


  • Think how to entertaining your guest. Do you like to sitting in tall chair, or sofas, or sitting on the mat while you preparing foods.
  • Preparing a bright light and dim light to change mood. Of course to make we see the food clearly. You can choose dim light with remote or sensor to make dramatic sense in changing light from bright more dim or more light until dim or dark.


  • You can put bathroom and toilet near your kitchen. Pay attention of room partition. In the bathroom you can add high tech shower, bathtub, and some cabinets with some different drawers. Don’t forget counter space if this bathroom being used by some families member.
  • Mixed up styles and organized kitchen with functional things to quick access, specialized storage systems that easy to find. You can used high technology to mixed all the things to get easy and quick accessing.

Happy remodel kitchen and get the new atmosphere together in your home with your families and friends. Enjoy the new spirit for your daily activities.