The Best Kitchen Floor Design Ideas

You do not want to have limited ideas for your kitchen floor, do you? Most peoples think that have wood or carpet floor will finish the design looks plus the easier option. But you should know that have wood or carpet floor they could not handle the moisture problems at the kitchens. So we will give you some list about the best floor materials for your kitchen and the best kitchen floor design ideas.

What the best materials could I have for my kitchen floor?

Before think about the kitchen floor design ideas, first you should find the right materials for your kitchen floors:

  1. Steel Tile: First, if you have kitchen with many stainless steel appliances maybe you should match it with the steel floor. Stainless steel tiles could you buy for your kitchen floor. But you do not need to install it at your whole floor, just make a little accent from it like make some border. Beside that these stainless steel tiles required more cost.
  2. Brick Tile: To get traditional or old designs for your kitchen, you could install brick tile. But remember, you should not use the real brick as your floor because the weight could break or damage your floor. That’s why you could find some brick face tiles which have brand or trademark in some red colors. Just buy the thin one and after you install the tiles like making some row from it, sealed it because the brick tiles have absorption.
  3. White and Black ceramic tiles: Last. To get the old fashion diner looks, you could install some white and black tiles as your floor. Match it with the metal kitchen countertops. Have a try!

What the best kitchen floor design ideas?

1. U shaped design: The common design for your kitchen floor is U shaped design. This idea very works for small kitchen or if you dot have large space for the kitchen. This takes some triangle kitchen design plus sink on the kitchen outside wall. Put the refrigerator at one adjacent wall and the stove opposite from it. The disadvantage is you could not have some island because it could ruin the triangle design.

2. L shaped design: Another design which matches with your kitchen floor designs ideas is L shaped design. It required two walls which come together at a kitchen corner. This design almost like the U shape which use the stove, refrigerator and the sink make some triangle design. The different is you could have the island because usually this design opens to another space. Beside the island, you could have some window over the sink because it could bring some light for your kitchen. Usually peoples who have large kitchen use this design.

3. Galley design: The last kitchen floor design ideas are the galley plan or design. This design is very work at small kitchens. The point is to have some counter at one wall and the refrigerator, stove, and the sink at the other wall (make them opposite from the countertops). There are two kinds of galley ideas: open and closed galley, you could choose from one of them. For open galley, you could have some island for your kitchen. So have a try!