Thermal Imaging Equipment

Infrared is just a part of one electromagnetic spectrum,which include gamma ray-s, x-ray, ultra violet, tera herts waves, radio and microwaves. Infrared ( FLIR- Forward looking infrared), every object has their own and show up the thermal radiation. This radiation’s light is longer than that of visible light (400-700 nm), but shorter than that of terahertz radiation (100 µm – 1mm) and microwaves (~30,000 µm).

A thermographic camera (Thermal Imaging Equipment/TIC) or known as infrared camera is a device that forms an image by using infrared radiation. Like common camera that using light to catch image. This infrared camera enable to catch image from wavelongs 14.000 nm. Thermal imaging equipment usually used in firefighters unit. By rendering infrared radiation, they detect peoples heat who has buried or trapped in a building where peoples can’t see or find them.


This camera also allowing firefighters to see something or someone in the dark. More higher the object is more infrared radiation can be catch up. This thermographic camera can work even in total darkness because the level of ambient of light doesn’t affect at all. Images from thermographic camera tend to have single color because generally use a sensor that doesn’t distinguish different level wavelengths. Infrared instruments doesn’t measure temperature, it just measure infrared radiated energy only.


Here’s some benefits of infrared thermography: we can do temperature calculations, the process not must be stopped , it can be running without interruption, the radiation not destroy the product, can be studied, the respond is fast, in milliseconds, temperature calculations of irregular shaped objects, pattern can be observation and evaluation, if we want to collect data, it must collection of large amounts of thermal data, measurement is usually using special IR windows, and the data is easily stored for post analysis. One of function of infrared that applied in daily life is remote TV.


The Military uses thermal equipment to track targets. The medical using this to scan body,bone, detect cancers, infections. The astronomers using it to see planets, stars, find and see new galactic or galactic dust. So, the major reason why peoples use thermal camera is because the function is so helpful, as mentioned as above, the thermal imaging equipment or infrared doesn’t depend on light. In dark condition, or no light situation still works.