Traditional Kitchen Designs

Rural atmosphere always makes you remember the childhood. Your problem is you live in a big city, which of course everything is very modern. If you are more comfortable in a more rural atmosphere, there is no need to move out of town. If you really wish to have a rural atmosphere in your kitchen, you can make it now. The following Traditional Kitchen Designs might be an option for you and you will love it.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Rearrange the Kitchen

The first thing you should do is start from the wall. Wall is very important in a room. You can choose the wood for your wall and choose a classic color for it, such as brown.

The second is coffered ceiling. You should try glass-front cabinets. This can make your kitchen still looks modern. Try with vintage-style fixtures and hardware. Adding beadboard makes the kitchen a classic charm. The heart of a traditional home is coffered ceiling crowns in the kitchen.

The third is custom your kitchen details. Traditional design often includes interesting details and embellishments. Now you should try start from cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes. Provide perfect opportunities for incorporating special stylized touches. Put two-tier Mahogany Island with walnut veneers and carved brackets. With all those furniture, your kitchen will look great.

The fourth is contrasting kitchen cabinets. Mix cabinet colors and add oak sink cabinet, with chunky faux feet, inlaid detailing, and contrasting countertop. It adds casual character of a relaxed kitchen.

The fifth is classy kitchen tile. If you want to use modern materials in a traditional kitchen, do not be afraid! It is not going to ruin the traditional impression. As long as you try to put muted green glass tiles, it will bring cheerful color and modern style if you have a classic white kitchen.

The sixth is casual cottage kitchen. By adding furniture-style cabinetry with fluted pillars and molding details, granite countertops, and ornate window architecture convey classic traditional style. You should try that one.

The seventh is high chairs. You can add some high chairs into your kitchen. It will also bring the traditional atmosphere while drinking wine.

Traditional Kitchen Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Designs on Small Kitchen

If you only have small kitchen in your house, do not worry. These followings will make your kitchen big on style and efficiency.

  1. The first thing is adding brown cabinetry with period charm to your small kitchen. Choose a cabinet that can be attached to the wall. This is not going to make your kitchen into a narrow. So, try this method in your kitchen.
  2. The second thing is high-ceilinged kitchen. High-ceiling kitchen will make your kitchen bigger and wider. Also it can make your kitchen more traditional at look. Do not forget add old-fashioned fixtures into your kitchen as well, such as classic painting.
  3. The third thing is a truly tiny kitchen. If you have really small kitchen in your house, try to add mirror in your kitchen or buy ceramic material which is similar to glass. It will make your kitchen looks bigger and wider.

Those are information for you who really wish to have a traditional kitchen.