Vintage Bathroom Vanities

As you plan to decorate your bathroom with Vintage Bathroom vanities, it can be creative as well as filled with fun. However, you should pay attention to every item you will buy. Get the sure best price and quality vanity. When you pay attention to the details, you will be able to buy the best vintage bathroom vanities.

A Lustrous and Luxurious Bathroom

Do you want to get a vintage bathroom like a powder room out of a 1920s? Do not worry. Now I am going to tell you how to get a vintage bathroom by Carrie Hayden.

    • The first thing you can do is adding a vanity table surrounded by mirrored bureaus and marble. Thick slabs of honed Calacatta marble for backsplashes and counters, along with Waterworks Opus faucets and an antique gilt mirror, complete the dressy, old-world European feeling of the bathroom.
    • The second is Marbled Elegance. Adding a pair of vintage gilt and crystal sconces pair beautifully with Lefroy Brooks bath fittings make your bathroom more comfortable and elegant.
  • The third is adding a mosaic in marble for instant warmth.
  • The fourth is a vanity tray equipped with perfume. Your bathroom will never get old if you try adding perfume in your bathroom.
  • The fifth is adding accented in antique and gold. You can use empire-style chair in your bathroom. Gold color will give a strong feel for a vintage bathroom.

vintage bathroom design


Types of Vintage Bathroom

Bathrooms vanities design with original timber doors. If you like a bathroom with original timber doors this design is perfect for you. It gives an idea for you who love to life in comfort and a contemporary lifestyle. Harmony of color meets the beautiful detail give relaxing mood.

vintage bathroom sinks

Nowadays you can add plenty choices of modern and sophisticated bathroom design ideas available out there. Thomasville bathroom vanities are quite popular and highly demanded in the market. The materials, such as wood, contemporary and modern luxurious style have successfully captured people’s heart.

Women always think that bathroom is kind of very special places. Dressing table is something they must have in the bathroom. But, it depends on your need. But having vintage bathroom vanities is something must for you who want to give an antique style throughout your bathroom.

If you have a vintage bathroom, it will make your guess adore your bathroom. Sometimes, guest also asks permission to go to the rest room and here times to show your vintage bathroom vanities.

vintage bathroom vanities sale

Style considerations for bathroom

Making a look that makes sense consists of using the rule of three as your guide. Bathrooms are spaces you can really have fun with but you still need to use a few beneficial points:

1. Safety: Style must consider safety. Floors should be slip-resistant. Tubs must have handrails.

2. Simplicity: If you have a small vintage bathroom, do not put too many things. Your vintage bathroom will look cluttered if you put too many things in a small place.

Those are some plans, types and styles of vintage bathroom I have stated above.