Wall Painting For decoration

When it come to decoration, you need some thing you have to consider. Decoration is need for each room. you can change a slight decoration and it can make everything is change. There are easy way that you can try is change the wall painting. In Fact, this tips is works.
For decoration there are many color to wall painting. We will explain about color that is suitable for your room and meaning of color.

– Green
For natural, calm, balance and enjoying is green, you can choose this color schemes for your living room. And make it looks stunning. When you used it it can make your room atmosphere is fresh, eye-pleasing and feel cooler.

– White
For purity, natural innocence and positive, you can choose white color. you can use this color for all the room such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. white make your room seen even larger and look clean.

– Yellow
This color is bright, fun, intellectual and energic. You can choose this color for living room and dining room. with use this color make your room looks elegance, modern and more colorful. This color is suitable when you want to decorating your house.

-Light brown
Light brown is the most used to painting the wall. this color most used to living room and office. Brown is earthy, warm and comforting. It is a good choice if you use it for living room and office.


– Blue
Popular color most used to bedroom, bathroom and living room. blue is fresh, sincerity, truth, and relaxing. This color is suitable if you live in a warm climate, and this color help you feel cooler.


– Purple
For comforting, creative, mystery, miracle and spiritual, you can apply this color for paint the wall. this color is suitable as accent in each room.

– Black
Black is color make room atmosphere luxirous and modern look. This color is describe about strengthening, authoritative, and stabilizing. This color is suitable for kitchen.


– Orange
For the expanding, cheerful, and energetic is yellow. You can choose this color your living room. you can choose this color as accent. If you live in the cool climate you can use this color to make you feel warmer.


– Red
Red is cozy, dynamic, powerfull and stimulating. Living room is suitable to apply this color. or you can combinane many other color as accent. It can make your room look glamour and modern.


– Gold
It is a most used color for paint the wall. this color is glamour and modern. It is a godd choice if you use this color for your room. color gold is old world reverence and true dept of emotion. This is the best color for each room especially bedroom and living room.

this tips that you can give you if you want to decorate your house with paint the wall. wait for the next tips of our. Thank you so much for attention