What Size TV for My Livingroom?

Peoples often ask about what size TV for my living room? They confuse and afraid to buy TV if it did not match with their living room. Today TV designs are LCD TV or LED TV and it is popular among peoples. They like with the simple design, flat, and less space from it. But don’t forget, if you buy the wrong TV, even it’s have a cool model, your living room will not good. So what you could do to deal with it? We will give you ideas about what size TV for my livingroom.

What’s the idea for the size of the TV?

You should considering about the price and the size. Today plasma TV such as LCD or LED TV basically have 13 inch to 70 inch size. And for the price it is depend on the brand, size, and quality. If you want the best high quality, sometimes is needs more money. But remember that larger size of the TV does not give you high quality picture or technology. That’s why when you have a plan to buy new TV, you should searching and have a lot of option to compare with. For small living room is better if you don’t buy 60 inch TV size, because your living room will looks crowded. And for larger living room you should not buy 40 to 50 inch TV size because it will looks smaller for your living room.

How to measure my living room before decide to buy the new TV?

First, before deciding what size TV for my livingroom, you should check and measure your living room. Decide where you will put the TV; peoples often put it in front of sofa. When you want to put the TV make sure the position is three times screen TV sizes from where you sit. There is another measuring way such as divide the position between TV and where you sit by three (it will give you the smaller size of TV which you could buy) and when you divide by 1.5 it will give you the largest TV which you could buy. Those measures could give you the right TV size for small and larger size and you still have clear looks for the picture from where you sit. Extra tips if you don’t want to make your eyes hurt put the TV five times screen TV high from sofa. And don’t forget to put the TV right in front of where you always watch it often.

Finally, What Size TV for My Livingroom?

If you decide to put the TV in short distance, buy 13 to 26 inch TV size will enough for your livingroom. But if you decide to put it on five or ten distance away, buy 40 to 50 inch TV size will enough to give you clear picture. And when you decide to put the TV more than ten distance away, you should buy 50 to 60 inch TV size for the best suggestion.

Finally when you think about what size TV for my livingroom, remember you should count the peoples who will watching it and where they will sit because it will decide the angle. Have a try!