Your Own Resurface Bathtub

Sometimes, you want to see your bathtub in your bathroom looks charming though it has been old. When you have a decision to change it with the new one, you feel that it will spend much money since there is no cheap bathtub. For this case, you have an idea that is called resurface bathtub, but the problem is you cannot do know how to do it. Actually, resurface a bathtub is an easy thing to do. It just needs some preparations in order to get a good result.

What you need to do when you want to resurface your bathtub is preparing the resurface kit that contains many chemicals. Those chemicals later are used for doing your own resurface bathtub. Pay attention to the toxic that can be smelled in your nose. It can be dangerous for your body. So, cover your mouth with the mask so you cannot smell the toxic of that chemicals. In addition, the use of glove is also important to make sure you do not touch the chemical that might be dangerous for your skin.

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If you are ready to be a good worker, the first thing that you need to do is cleaning your bathtub first with the chemical that is special for removing the dirt thing like viruses and bacteria. If you want to resurface a bathtub, you need to clean it first to make a good result of your bathtub and there is no dirt thing left in your new bathtub. There are some steps to clean your bathtub. The first one has been discussed before. The next cleaning ideas will bring different chemical to make sure the cleaning session of your bathtub. This chemical is used for removing the rest of dirt thing in your bathtub. Perhaps, you still release the rest of the soap in your bathtub so you need to make sure there is no such a thing left in your bathtub.

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After finishing the following step, the second thing that you will do is having a different chemical that is called primer reducer in your hand. This chemical is used for making your bathtub newer and smoother than before. It is easy to do. You just need to apply it on the surface of your bathtub that you need to resurface. You will need a putty to make the surface of your bathtub becomes good. After having the first chemical, apply it with the putty and dry it for about 30 minutes. Then cover it again with the primer reducer again.

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The last thing to do when you want to resurface a bathtub is having a last layer to be applied in your new bathtub. This last touch uses a spray to make sure your new bathtub is charming. When all of those instructions have done, you can get your new bathtub available in your bathroom. Resurface a bathtub does not need high skill. It just needs some good preparation to do that. What are waiting for then? Try it now to make a clean and new bathtub in your house. Good luck!